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Enchanted Garden Resort: Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Pictures


These pictures attend an article review of the Enchanted Garden resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

I have placed the pictures on a separate page so that they will not slow down the article. The pictures needed to be in the largest possible format to show the detail and splendor of this property. Please have patience as these pictures load. They are worth the wait!


Unfortunately, I cannot make the pictures any bigger than this, but this should give you an idea of how beautiful this property is. The grounds are very lush, with a river cascading in natural waterfalls throughout. You cannot go anywhere on the grounds without hearing the sound of the river. The jungle-like atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking.


Paths beckon throughout, meandering around the property and taking you from place to place – the restaurants, the tennis courts, the hotel rooms. Hopefully this will all be restored to the best possible condition.


This is Clarence, standing in one my favorite spots in the resort. Behind him are cascading waterfalls and lush greenery. Many thanks to Clarence for giving us such a fantastic tour, and for appreciating and taking care of our beloved Enchanted Garden Resort.


Here is an example of how decrepit parts of the Enchanted Garden grounds have become. The paths and main areas were covered in debris when we visited, especially because of the recent storms. Even through this, the property is stunningly beautiful.


Here you can see how the storms had washed away some of the riverbed and retaining walls, leaving lots of work for the clean-up crew. Debris was everywhere, and some of the stairs and pathways were unpassable.


Pictured here are some hardworking guys attending to a washed-out walkway.


This is the view from the roof of the former main building, the check-in area of the hotel. The bay of Ocho Rios is down below, and the building pictured (covered in lovely cascading flowers) houses the gym, spa, and a seating area with aquariums. Workers were fixing this building up when we passed by on our tour.


This is the old outdoor restaurant, where they used to serve the most most gorgeous buffet meals. In the background was a waterfall which provided beautiful natural musical accompaniment. While it was sad to see the restaurant in such poor shape, it is encouraging to see people working tirelessly to fix the grounds up.


Here is a lovely shot of some of the stunning waterfalls and lush greenery of the Enchanted Garden grounds. You can see that even through all the neglect and damage, there is incredible natural beauty here, and the potential for a once-again-fantastic, unforgettable resort.


This is a view from the deck of our cruise ship. Pictured is the main terminal, and if you look just up the hill, you can see a green, pointed aviary. This is part of hte Enchanted Garden grounds, so you can see that the resort isn’t very far away at all. (See review article for comments on this.)


Another of my favorite spots, this waterfall has undoubtedly been the center of many vacation pictures. The platform is now rotting, and will be replaced and the surrounding grounds cleaned and restored.


Here is the public entranceway. The hand-painted tiles are fading, and water no longer cascades through the millwheel and over the top. Still a sight to bring tears to my eyes.


One last picture, where you can see both the natural splendor and the damage caused by storms. Even these pictures, with their small size, cannot do justice to the property. If anyone would like a full-sized version of one of these shots, please feel free to contact me.



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